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He had been involved in an argument with his girlfriend, who went home but then returned to look for him in her Mini.

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She saw the moment he was hit by Davies. Davies showed no emotion in the dock as he was handed a month suspended prison sentence and ordered to carry out hours of unpaid work. He was made the subject of an electronically-monitored curfew for four months and banned from driving four four years. Earlier, his victim's mother Jane Edwards, 50, a former practice nurse, stood in the witness box and looked over at the defendant as she delivered a withering attack.

His smile was 'something [I] will never see again because of the selfish actions of one person', Mrs Edwards said. She described how the death had affected her marriage and said she still suffered 'harrowing thoughts' of her son being dragged under Davies' car.

Mrs Edwards said she was was 'incensed' with the who, had 'shown no remorse for what he's done and has a total disregard for human life' - and was more interested in 'protecting himself'. Davies had even 'tried to antagonise' by drinking in a pub in Poynton where the wake had been held, showing 'disregard and disrespect', said Mrs Edwards.

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The defendant had even 'stared [her] out' at a supermarket when they bumped into each other, the court heard. Despite being charged over the death, Davies had 'continued to parade his social life' through his girlfriend's social media account with photos from various locations looking like he doesn't have a care in the world', she said. Looking at the defendant, she said her son may have lived if the defendant had stopped and went on: "I will never forgive you Wayne Davies for what you have done to me and my family.

James' father Glyn, 52, a retired police officer, also slammed the 'selfish, arrogant, criminal actions' of Davies, adding that the though of the defendant driving home for a 'one night stand' still 'repulses' him. The defendant had been out in bars in Manchester including Panacea, The Alchemist and Neighbourhood on the night of the crash. The trail led them to the defendant's home, but not before it went on a 'loop' of a nearby housing estate, the court heard. The emergency services were on the scene 'within minutes' but Mr Edwards died in hospital due to 'multiple injuries'.

After his arrest, Mr Davies denied any knowledge of the crash, but later he said he thought he had hit a bin bag or a twig.

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In a victim impact statement read to the court, Jane Edwards said: "No parent should ever had to write a victim impact statement for their child. She said she had spoken to her son for the last time the previous evening and that the next time she saw him he was in the resuscitation department of Stepping Hill Hospital. On the way to hospital, she and her husband came across the scene of the accident by chance, not realising it was the location their son had been hit. They were escorted on a blue light run for the rest of the journey to the hospital, the court heard.

When Mrs Edwards saw her son, his eyes were 'glazed' and his sheets were blood-stained. The court heard that the parents were not allowed to touch James, as he was effectively a crime scene, except to hold his hand. Now, when she closes her eyes, she says she can see her son's eyes as they were that night, while knowing the pain he must have felt 'makes me cry'.

She sometimes sprayed his favourite aftershave on her so she could recall his scent, the court heard. She said the driver has been 'selfish and arrogant'. By Abigail O'Leary.

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Actually, most of it is. But when you get into the details things get hazy. To truly understand, you need to look back at a stunt Mr. Master promoter, his father arrived in Moscow with cases of Champagne and his order book. The goal being, of course, to sell Champagne to whichever side won.

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Charles Heidsieck was born in A year after going into business, he set sail for the United States. After establishing an importing firm in New York City, with a local sales agent, he set off on a marketing trip throughout New England. His brand established as a new, popular, celebratory drink, he returned to France.

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Tremendous success followed. His Champagne was distributed up and down the Eastern Seaboard. According to multiple histories he was greeted with pomp, newspaper coverage, and evening after evening of high-society banquets where the Champagne flowed freely. Heidsieck had taken a great risk, hinging the success of his young business on a personally driven gamble to open the American market.

That would be the year the American Civil War broke out. With half his assets tied up in unpaid American accounts, Heidsieck sailed to New York. What happened next is reported in half-a-dozen different ways, but the outcome is always the same.

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In some accounts the man claimed that an act of Congress, which absolved Northerners of their cotton debts to Southerners, excised his Champagne debt. Another account cites a similar Confederate act aimed to absolve debts in the opposite direction. Whatever truly happened, Champagne Charlie was in a desperate situation. Seeing no other options he made off for New Orleans, where he had significant merchant accounts.

Champagne Charlie

He finally reached New Orleans in April or May of accounts differ over the order of events. New Orleans was broke.

Philip were raging. Though New Orleans and most of her residents were broke, Heidsieck found a merchant in his debt, who had the means to repay him in the form of a warehouse full of cotton, located in Mobile. Due to a Union blockade, cotton was in high demand in Europe. Seizing on a last-gasp opportunity to save his Champagne business, he put the cotton aboard two ships, and sent them off on different routes, attempting to run the blockade.