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Dominion Over Demons

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Overview You Have Authority over the Devil! What are demons, and what is their connection with drugs, lust, pornography, crime, and mental illness? Maxwell Whyte vividly describes his experiences with the demon oppressed and the demon possessed.

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He provides fascinating information on how to recognize the power of the devil. While curiosity about the occult and the supernatural pervades our society, the devil's best defense has been successfully deluding mankind into thinking that he does not exist. Whyte addresses such subjects as: The strange world of spirits The personification of demons The snare of deceptions Understanding your authority The force of the bloodline.

Product Details About the Author. Now there a big herd of swine feeding there on the mountain. And coming out, the unclean spirits entered the swine; and the herd rushed down the steep bank into the sea, about two thousand of them; and they were drowned in the sea. Hendriksen : If we are accustomed to associate the good angels with places in which order, beauty, and fullness of life prevail, does it not seem natural, in harmony with Scripture Matt. Better that they afflict animals than humans — this is a distinction that is being obliterated today This passage condemns our modern materialism and exposes the wrong priorities of organizations like PETA that have lost the crucial distinction between the elevated value of humans over animals — cf.

Dominion Over Demons — Mark 5:1-20

James Edwards: In the eyes of Jesus, the rescue and restoration of one person is more important than vast capital assets. Compared to the redemption of a human being, the loss of the swineherds, considerable though it is, does not rate mentioning. Saw the facts of the situation … but did not digest them correctly; wrong moral and spiritual and theological grid — they saw their precious herd of swine disappearing over the cliff and with them their hopes of financial prosperity — obviously had no concern for the welfare of the one who had been demon possessed.

Van Parunak : Fear of the Lord must always lead in one of two directions: surrendering ourselves to his lordship, or as here wanting to dissociate ourselves from him as completely as possible. Rather than turning to Him in worship, they turned from Him to the darkness they preferred cf.

John ; Deffinbaugh : As these people began to piece together the previous events, not only of the destruction of the pigs, but also the deliverance of Legion, they began to sense that there was One far more awesome, much more to be feared, than Legion. They had dealt with Legion I suspect by forcing him from their presence.

Now they would deal with this One greater than he by doing likewise. Here is one of the few times that a miracle drove people away, rather than to draw them to Jesus. It would seem that these people had no Messianic expectations, and therefore wanted nothing to do with One Who had such awesome power, a power over which they had no control. One of these towns was Gergesa.

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But that person evangelizes the region. When Jesus returned to the region, the residents received him enthusiastically Mark Apparently, the man preached effectively. The parables of Mark 4 are played out in the life of this man in Mark 5.

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Instead of putting the lamp under a basket or a bed, he puts it on the lamp stand. He listens carefully to Jesus, in line with the parable of the measure. MacArthur: Did his ministry have an effect?