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Knowledge economy expert Luis Garicano joins IE Business School

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The unprecedented potential of the internet interactivity, connectivity and speed of communication along with the new generation of IT applications for enabling co-operative working and communication gives rise to new business models for organization creation and development. It is becoming clear that organizations that manage to incorporate values such as sense of community, knowledge sharing and enlightened self-interest into their business model, will perform better in the network economy than organizations whose business models are based solely on economic rationalism.

This book features a business model that presents three new types of business model, in which 'customization', 'innovation', and 'authenticity' play an important role as solutions to the new requirements of business. The authors provide an explanation of their new models and explain how they can be used by both profit and not-for-profit organizations to design an integrated strategy for organizational development, governance, IT and business processes. The result is a rigorous but very accessible guide for anyone interested in organizational development and new business strategy.

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Back to Menu. Upending traditional business models To understand how the businesses that embrace digital transformation can ultimately benefit, it helps to look at the changes in business models currently in process. Pervasive digitization of products and services — Accelerate the way products and services are conceived, designed, and delivered with no barriers between customers and the businesses that serve them.

  • Knowledge economy expert Luis Garicano joins IE Business School.
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  • New Business Models for the Knowledge Economy: 1st Edition (Hardback) - Routledge.
  • How Digital Transformation Is Rewriting Business Models;
  • Ecosystem competition — Create a more compelling value proposition in new markets through connections with other companies to enhance the value available to the customer. Access a shared economy — Realize more value from underutilized sources by extending access to other business entities and customers — with the ability to access the resources of others. Realize value from digital platforms — Monetize the inherent, previously untapped value of customer relationships to improve customer experiences, collaborate more effectively with partners, and drive ongoing innovation in products and services, In other words, the time-tested assumptions about how to identify customers, develop and market products and services, and manage organizations may no longer apply.


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